“ is the exclusive, official, public website of the Joyor Corporation of America. (To make it visually easier on both of us, we’ll refer to these entities as the “Joyor USA” in this policy.). The Joyor Corporation of America does not authorize, endorse, or sponsor any content that may appear on any other website.”

Joyor products are sold throughout the world through a network of authorized dealers selected by Joyor. Some of these dealers may have Internet sites on which they are authorized by Joyor to sell a select mix of our products. Joyor dealers have been chosen for their ability to properly represent and sell. Joyor provides a warranty on products sold only by our authorized dealers.

Unfortunately, Joyor products are sometimes sold by companies that are not authorized to do so. Goods sold by these unauthorized companies are not purchased from Joyor; instead, they are acquired from a host of other sources. Due to the nature of the goods sold by unauthorized dealers and their business practices, products sold by unauthorized dealers are not entitled to Joyor warranty coverage.

We are using our best efforts (including this warning) to prohibit these companies from selling Joyor products, but these practices may still exist. We urge you to use diligence when selecting a dealer to make your purchase.

To ensure you are purchasing products from an authorized retailer, use our dealer locator or call 207-203-5288 and speak with one of our associates.


Please be aware that there may be cases where counterfeit goods or imitations, including but not limited to goods that infringe Joyor trademarks or patents (“Counterfeit Goods”), are marketed.

These Counterfeit Goods may not meet Joyor’s specifications with respect to quality, functionality, or other issues. Their use, installation or incorporation into other devices, equipment, systems or applications may cause accidents, breakdowns or malfunctions.

Counterfeit Goods are not covered under warranty by Joyor. Joyor expressly disclaims any warranties related to Counterfeit Goods, express or implied, including but not limited to warranties of non-infringement, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose. Joyor shall not be liable for any damages or losses arising out of or related to Counterfeit Goods, including without limitation incidental, consequential, special, direct or indirect damages, loss of profit, loss of data, loss of business, injury, or death, or any associated claims, demands, liabilities, penalties, obligations, causes of action, suits or proceedings, whether or not Joyor had been advised of the possibility of such damages.

  • In order to avoid the inadvertent purchase of Counterfeit Goods, customers are advised to contact Joyor’s authorized online sales representatives on

  • If you wish to purchase Joyor Products in United States of America, please contact Joyor sales representatives on

  • Please note that some Joyor Products may not be available depending on the details of your purchase request, such as intended usage, order quantity, lot size, supply period, or warranty terms.

  • Warranty services for the purchased Joyor Products will be provided in the authorized return process in order to allow Joyor to identify the handling conditions as well as channels where the Joyor Products or the systems containing the Joyor Products (“Goods”) have been purchased. To make a warranty claim, please contact Joyor Support directly.

Our warranty service only covers the products purchased on the official website of the United States( Your order number will be the only certificate for you to enjoy after-sales service.


JOYOR® is a registered trademark of Joyor Group. The name JOYOR® signifies a new standard for innovation in electric scooters technology, sustainable living, and electric scooter business development.

Joyor is a high-end electric scooter manufacturer located in Zhejiang, China. The brand "JOYOR®" and trademark JOYOR™ are registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Learn more details about our brand and trademark information on U.S. Patent and Trademark Office website, Click here>>


Many consumers report looking over reviews before purchasing a Joyor product or service. This has been made easier by the Internet and the easy ability for consumers to include reviews. However, it has also given a forum for consumers to post negative reviews about businesses and individuals that portrays Joyor Corporation in a negative light. In some instances, legal action will be taken by Joyor against posters or websites if the conduct amounts to defamation.

Business Defamation

Defamation occurs when a person or entity makes false statements of fact about the Joyor business, person affiliated with Joyor business, product or service that causes economic hardship for Joyor business.

Legal Elements of Business Defamation

As the defamed business Joyor have demonstrated the following elements:

  • Some websites made an unprivileged false statement of fact.

  • Some websites statement caused harm to Joyor business. A defamatory statement may cause Joyor to lose clients or for customers not to use its products or services.Some website statement was made negligently.

  • Some websites statement was made with malice, meaning having a reckless disregard for the truth.

As a protest against commercial defamation and misleading consumers to buy fake and shoddy products, we will sue relevant enterprises and individuals in the near future. Including but not limited to the following enterprises and entities:

  • Websites that add misleading words in the domain name after joyor (e.g. joyorxxxx.). Use domain spoofing to make customers mistakenly think it is corporate certification website

  • Websites that do not sell U.S. standard models or sell models with misleading, false and exaggerated product specification in the U.S. market

  • Websites that created by regional distributors alone but disguised as Joyor global official websites

  • Websites that mislead U.S. consumers through false descriptions and social media accounts

  • Websites that selling counterfeit products at prices lower than those of genuine products

  • Websites that publishes false customer reviews to mislead consumers

  • Websites that not qualified as distributors in the United States


If you receive a suspicious email that looks like it's supposed to be from Joyor, please forward it to

Phishing refers to fraudulent attempts to get personal information from you, usually by email. But scammers use any means they can to trick you into sharing information or giving them money, including:

  • Fraudulent emails and other messages that look like they're from legitimate companies, including Joyor

  • Scam phone calls or voicemails that impersonate Joyor Support

  • Fake promotions that offer fake products and prizes

If you're suspicious about an unexpected message, call, or request for personal information or money, it's safer to presume it's a scam and contact that company directly if you need to.

How to Report Suspicious Emails, Messages, and Calls

If you receive a suspicious email that looks like it's supposed to be from Joyor, please forward it to Report scam phone calls to the Federal Trade Commission (U.S. only) or to your local law enforcement agency.


You have the legal right to a refund if you’ve bought something that’s fake or counterfeit.

You can also report the seller to Trading Standards or report the seller for fraud. Trading Standards might take legal action against the seller, but they can’t help you to get your money back.

Getting a Refund from the Seller

The amount of time you have to ask for a refund depends on the date you bought the item, because the law changed in October 2015.

If You Bought before 1 October 2015

You have the legal right to a refund within a ‘reasonable’ time of you buying the item. The law isn’t very specific on how long you have, but if you’re confident in your approach you should be entitled to a refund within the first 2 months or so.

If you paid for the item over 2 months ago, you’re legally entitled to a partial refund depending on how much you’ve used the item and how long you’ve had it. You’ll have to negotiate with the seller to agree on a fair price. The seller can also give you a genuine version of the item to replace the fake one.

If You Bought on or after 1 October 2015

You’re legally entitled to a full refund on fake goods within 30 days of paying for them.

If it’s been over 30 days but less than 6 months since you paid, the seller is legally able to give you a real version of the item to replace the fake one. However, if they can’t provide a replacement, they’re legally required to give you a refund (up until 6 months after you paid for it).

If you paid for the item more than 6 months ago, you’re entitled to a part-refund depending on how much you’ve used the item and how long you’ve had it. It’s harder to do this after 6 months as you could be asked to prove that the item is a fake - try talking to the real brand and asking them to inspect it.

If the Seller Refuses to Give You a Refund

Sometimes sellers argue that items were obviously fake because they were very cheap. They can say you must have known it wasn’t the real thing and use that as a reason not to give your money back. However, they’re breaking the law by selling fake items and your legal rights still apply.

If You Paid by Debit Card 

Contact your bank and say you want to use the ‘chargeback scheme’. If the item cost less than $100, you should contact your credit card company and say you want to use the ‘chargeback scheme’. If the item cost between $100 and $30,000, contact your credit card company and say that you want to make a ‘section 75’ claim to get your money back.

If You Paid Using Paypal

Use PayPal’s online Resolution Centre to report your dispute. You must do so within 180 days of paying.

Report the Seller to Trading Standards

Trading Standards looks into criminal activity and prosecute sellers and traders who break the law. You’re not legally obliged to report someone selling fake goods, but it might stop other people accidentally buying fakes from them in future.


As well as reporting them to Trading Standards, you can also report the trader to Action Fraud. You’re under no obligation to do this, but they will register the trader on the national fraud database, which helps them understand the scale of fraud across the USA.

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